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TheLife podcast

Jul 12, 2024

The Deal - Bax, Spaniard, Nuno and Scoops talk about the art of closing deals, tuff skins, the earth not moving, and Chinese handcuffs?  It's a whole thing.  Hang on tight.

Jul 4, 2024

Where did he go? - Bax and the boys get a headache dealing with Nuno.  Hang on tight, take a Tylenol and enjoy the fireworks.

Happy 4th everybody!


Jun 14, 2024

Six Hundred Mili's - Bax, Spaniard, and Nuno tend to business.  Silliness ensues as we watch Bax change flavors right before our very own eyes.  Hey, anybody seen Scoops?

Jun 7, 2024

Infiltration - Bax and the Hooligans's devise a plan to infiltrate a local cult using our secret agent.....the A1 Saussa! It's kind of a musical show, listen up.


May 31, 2024

Let it be done - Bax, Spaniard and Nuno talk about Arkansa shenanigans.  Smoked brisket, high winds, and a hot dog.  Hold on tight, it's an F1!