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TheLife podcast

Dec 23, 2022

What are we doing?-Bax and the boys get back together after a bit, and Ado drops in from the frozen land.  Fun things are coming soon. Stay tuned!


Dec 7, 2022

The Talk - Bax, Spaniard, Scoops and Zoomfu, talk music, movies, and Nuno giving the boys the talk.


Dec 2, 2022

It's not sexy - Bax, Spaniard, Nunfo, and Scoops are back at it again with once less arm.  You gotta listen to the whole show and get into the Christmas spirit with us.


Nov 16, 2022

Stain & Pain- Bax and the boys hang out with Cartel Julio, Sling Ding, and talk about generations. What?  You gotta listen and find out.


Nov 11, 2022

I DO? - Bax, The Spaniard, The Cheagan, Scoops and Nuno discuss marriage to your friends, the level of friends and Cheagan gets a pounding again. You gotta listen to the whole show.