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TheLife podcast

Aug 27, 2021

Beaver butts - The boys talk it up without a Coach.  Music, stories, and phone calls.  It's a chill vibe tonight.


Aug 25, 2021

Quack Quack - The Princess of Peru graces us with her presence. Buckle in, its gonna be a bumpy ride.


Aug 20, 2021

ADD in full effect - Bax, The Spaniard, Evil Cheagan, Coach welcome the Professor for some mind opening conversation. Not really but it is Thursday so.....hold on tight.


Aug 13, 2021

The Ones and Two's - EJ the DJis in the house, pool party and the adventures of Coach.  The whiskey flows. Hang on tight, it's muthafukn Thursday.




Aug 11, 2021

Get Some! The Current Speaks - Bax, Spaniard, Cheagan, Nalgasaki and The Current have stories, updates, and lunacy. Great stories from this weekend.  We can all learn something.